From mental health discussion platforms to guilty pleasure Pinterest boards, here is a collection of my fave resources that may be helpful in one way or another:

7 Cups is an online free therapy/chat service that is available 24/7. 10/10 would recommend, especially if you find yourself triggered or having a panic attack.

Beyonce’s Instagram gives us life, fashion, and music inspo and nonstop reminders to be our fabulous, confident, unapologetically powerful selves.

David Ji is my ultimate meditation guru go-to. Self-love, healing, repelling negativity. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Bitch Media as a whole is an incredible site just bustin’ with girl power but my favourite section is Books, because I just can’t get enough feminist lit!

Relaxing with Rachel is the weekly Youtube livestream you don’t wanna miss! Tune in for real talk about feminism, identity, self-love, and more.